10 Creative Ways to Add Colour to your Kitchen

April 16, 2016

Here are 10 creative examples to add colour to your kitchen, from solid colours throughout, different hues, or mixing and matching.  Remember; there are no wrong colours, just wrong colour combinations.

1. Vintage Flare

This space is lively with a vintage flare, highlighting robin blue coloured kitchen cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

2. Make a Statement

Make a statement, even when you may feel a bit indecisive.  This kitchen incorporates reds, blues, oranges, greens, purples and so

3. Bright & Eye Catching

These glossy red coloured cabinets are bright and eye-catching and fit perfectly in this modern kitchen.

4. Multiple Shades

These cottage-inspired cabinets are spruced up with two different shades of purple.  It’s a warm and inviting design with a splash of colour.

5. Bright & Vibrant

Hello sunshine!  This kitchen brings the sunshine in with its bright yellow coloured kitchen cabinets and silver accents throughout.  Sure to wake you up in the morning!

6. Subtle Yet Vibrant

These lime-green coloured kitchen cabinets and backsplash feels subtle yet vibrant.  An example where colour doesn’t have to be too bright to make a statement.

7. Ceiling Colours

This home has added a bold colour on their ceiling, drawing the eye upward to the dark pink focal point, while keeping it simple with the white coloured kitchen cabinets.

8. Dark Colours

This kitchen says royalty with its royal blue coloured cabinets and marble countertops.

9. Gentle & Calming  

Complimentary colours - gentle oranges, whites, and

10. Add Texture

Texture and colour can bring character to any kitchen.  The country feel is brought to life with its blue coloured cabinets and accents of woods and grey and yellow throughout.  

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Jennifer Scott

Jennifer is a member of the Seine River Cabinets content team. She focuses her time on creating informative and engaging content in the area of interior design/home decor.

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