What Comes First, Cabinets or Granite?

April 16, 2016

What Came First? The Granite or the Cabinet?

Unfortunately, there is no one-answer, (just like that chicken and egg debacle).  In this case, the answer will depend on the situation that led you to the decision to upgrade your kitchen.  

Both your cabinets and your granite countertops are major statement pieces in your kitchen and it may feel like a lot is riding on this decision, so here are 3 scenarios homeowners may find themselves in and some tips on making the right decision.

#1 - You’re Replacing Both Cabinets and Countertops

You’ve decided to change both your cabinets and countertops as a major upgrade is needed.  This scenario puts you in the middle, between a rock and a hard place.  Do you go with granite countertops first or do you go with the cabinets?

When this happens, think about your kitchen.  Think about what you want to be the most appealing aspect of your kitchen - the cabinets or the countertops.  If there is a specific colour of cabinet that you absolutely have to have in your kitchen, choose the cabinet first and then choose the granite countertops to go with it.

Does the rock, (or granite, rather,) pop into your head first?  If so, start with granite when planning your kitchen design.  There might be that granite colour that you feel your kitchen couldn’t live without, and you can then choose your cabinets to coordinate with your counters (hint: see #2 on choosing granite).

#2 - You Already Have Good Quality Kitchen Cabinets

If you already have good quality kitchen cabinets, it’s likely that this not is your priority right now.  In this case, the easy answer is countertops, particularly if your countertops are lower quality than your cabinets.

Since your cabinets are set, it gives you freedom to really think about what countertops best suits your kitchen and the look and feel you are hoping to achieve throughout the room.  

You can choose your granite to compliment your cabinets, such as brown on brown or black on black, or contrast with your cabinets.  Choosing a granite that will contrast with your cabinets can make a bold statement and add visual interest to your kitchen.  Another option is choosing a granite with contrasting undertones.  The color from your cabinets will bring out these subtle colors and patterns and make your kitchen look more cohesive.  With this option, you can still make a statement but not be too over the top; just the right balance.

#3 - You’re Building a Custom Home

If you find yourself if this scenario, you will also find yourself in a sea of options and with options come hard decisions, one of them being whether you should choose your kitchen cabinets first or your granite first for your kitchen design.  The benefit of being in this scenario is you are in the perfect position to build that perfect kitchen with granite countertops and amazing cabinets to match.

As you begin your journey of building your home, think about how your kitchen fits with the rest of your home.  Visit showrooms and see how different granite countertops work with different styles of cabinetry and colours.  Visualize how it will fit in your home and helps you to achieve the exact look and feel you are looking for.

Jennifer Scott

Jennifer is a member of the Seine River Cabinets content team. She focuses her time on creating informative and engaging content in the area of interior design/home decor.

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