Seine River Cabinets

In 1980, Seine River Cabinets started in Lorette, MB before later being relocated to Winnipeg, MB. Right from the start, the value of hard and honest work and the strength of the Seine River Cabinets name was drilled into the core of our brand. Time and technology have brought many changes to our company, however one thing remains true; our commitment to building a reputable brand.

The first thing you'll notice is that we love what we do. We love the art of cabinetmaking, and we stop at nothing to ensure our clients are beyond satisfied. This is why we strive to bring the latest in cabinet designs, materials and production processes to the Winnipeg marketplace. We put in that extra effort because our clients deserve nothing less.

Pride Through Transformation

Our customers want more than a new kitchen or cabinet, they want transformation. They want their space to reflect their best vision of their home. The transformation will likely fulfill a vision you have had for your home for some time. When completed it will give you a sense of pride. A feeling of transcendence.

Absolutely You

Inspiration comes from many places, Seine River Cabinets will bring them all together for you. You have spent a lot of time imagining what your home and kitchen can become and we want to help make those dreams real. We are here to build and design your vision for a perfect kitchen and home interior. And why perfect? Because it has to be – Absolutely You.
Seine River Cabinets
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